Social Media

Social Groups

  • Join your Departmental Social Groups to connect with other students within your department:
  • Join some of our other interest-specific social groups:
  • Join the GradSWE Slack Group (open to all students!)
    • Interested in helping/getting help, connecting, and socializing with your UCLA SEAS peers? The graduate student committee of Women Engineers (GradSWE) at UCLA has created a Slack group to do just that. The Slack group will be used to provide general updates regarding UCLA SEAS and GradSWE and has separate channels for each department, incoming students, and other interest groups to help you get connected with those you’d normally be in classrooms/labs/etc. with. It’s free to join and easy to use!
    • GradSWE advocates for women graduate engineers and provides resources, tools, and opportunities for professional development and networking. UCLA GradSWE’s mission is to support, inspire, and empower the current and future female engineering community to excel in all endeavors. To connect with GradSWE, you can sign up for our newsletter, find us on our website, and find us on social media: Facebook - UCLA Grad SWE, Instagram - ucla_gradswe.

eGSA Lounge

  • Located in Boelter Hall 3285
  • The lounge is equipped with a security lock. In addition, there are security cameras in the lounge to monitor and record all activities. If you do not yet have the access code to the lounge, you may request it with an email to the lounge manager.
  • Some features: Separate study room, and recreation area (Wii, PS2, air hockey, foosball table)
  • Lounge Rules
    • Be responsible
    • Lounge door MUST be closed at all times
    • Non EGSA patrons are not allowed in the lounge
    • No sleeping in the lounge
    • No lewd conduct
    • No smoking
    • Dispose of your own trash
    • We reserve the right to refuse anyone the use of EGSA lounge and equipment
    • We reserve the right to add, change, or update the rules at any time without prior notification
    • Failure to comply with these rules will result in loss of privilege of using the lounge for the entire academic year


  • eGSA is here to help fund your event if it benefits, or is open to, the engineering graduate student body as a whole.
  • contact vice-president internal for more information

Maps and Transportation

Studying and Research

Sports and Health

  • UCLA Intramural Sports: eGSA encourages engineering graduate students to participate in intramural sports as much as possible. Every quarter eGSA sponsors a handful of teams over a variety of sports. Visit the UCLA IMs website to see upcoming sports. Email the IM manager with any other questions.
  • UCLA Recreation: The group that runs the Wooden Center, the Marina Aquatic Center, etc. – check out the Rec Quarterly for a full list of activities
  • Student Health Services: Information on your health insurance plan and the services available at Ashe Center
  • The Counseling Center: These folks are here to help you with the stress of grad school.


  • eGSA Event Calendar: Various events, including eGSA Town Hall and Socials. These events are a great way to get out of your lab, meet people who aren’t engineers, and enjoy some free food and alcohol
  • UCLA Central Ticket Office: Get subsidized movie tickets, tickets to attractions around LA, tickets to UCLA Basketball/Football/other athletics, and more.