Chen Wang

Co-Vice President (External)

Hometown: Wuhan, China
Alma Mater: Wuhan University
Department: Material Sciences and Engineering
Advisor: Yu Huang & Xiangfeng Duan

#Bio and Interests nanoelectronics and nanophotonics. I mainly study the electrical and optical properties of layered materials, including graphene, TMDs, phosphorene, ect. In addition, based on the properties study, I try to find its device applications, including transistors, lateral junctions, vertical junctions, LEDs, Van der Waals junctions, RF devices, etc.

hiking; swimming;

#Roles and Goals at EGSA: To unify more UCLA engineering alumni, engineering graduate students, engineer undergraduate student, to the EMMPP (Engineering Mentor Mentee Plus Program), which is aim to help undergraduate student find their research interests, enhance ability and skills to apply graduate school and job hunting under mentor of graduate students, to help new graduate student extend their research horizon, promote research ability and methods and set career development plan under senior graduate students mentor, to help senior graduate student clarify career development routes either in academic or industrial field and get direct referral and guidance from UCLA alumni. In addition, another program named EMMXP (Engineering Management Medicine X Program), which will provide opportunities for engineering school students, management school students, medical school students to discuss the projects about how to apply technology developed in engineering school to medical practices, like medical devices and how to combine the technology to commercial products and attract VC/PE investments, etc. These two programs will be released in the following academic year and any comment or suggest is welcomed!

#Past eGSA Position(s): Academic Chair