King Chung (Johnny) Ho

VP Internal

Hometown: Hong Kong
Alma Mater: UC Berkeley
Department: Bioengineering
Advisor: Alex Bui

#Bio and Interests: Johnny is a 4th year Bioengineering, doing research in medical informatics. He is passionate about science and his goal is to able to use what he learn to build the society better. He is not only participating in EGSA but also the UCLA Chinese Christian Fellowship. If you want to find him and get a coffee or so, he would love to! :)

Deep Learning; medical informatics (not bioinformatics :p)

Play basketball and badminton, long running, fishing, read scientific novels, cooking, watch anime, take photos, play board games

#Roles and Goals at EGSA: To build a strong relationships among graduate students, especially engineers, in UCLA community:

  1. establish good collaborative relationships between engineering societies in UCLA, such as GradSWE, etc (more),
  2. help developing UCLA engineers’ career via organizing various events with career center,
  3. monitor EGSA events and ensure they fit to engineering students,
  4. facilitate EGSA board members communication. (more)

#Past eGSA Position(s): IT Director