Jon Van Lew

Events Coordinator

Hometown: Chandler, AZ
Alma Mater: University of Arizona
Department: Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Advisor: Mohamed Abdou

#Bio and Interests Jon is a part of the UCLA Fusion Science and Technology Center where he specializes in modeling the thermomechanics and thermophysics of packed beds of ceramic pebbles for tritium breeders in fusion reactors. He previously did his BS and MS at the University of Arizona – his Master’s thesis covered a model his team made for optimizing charging/discharging protocols of single-tank, thermocline-style, solar thermal storage plants. As much as he loves working on computers, he’s even happier when playing or even just watching sports with his friends. That’s why when he joined eGSA he became the Athletic Director to help promote intramural sports involvement with engineering grad students and arrange events to go watch the Clippers, Dodgers, Kings, or Galaxy (but not the Lakers – he’s from Phoenix and can’t stand the Lakers). His PhD is scheduled to finish sometime in 2015.

#eGSA Mission Statement Get out and play

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