Mrinal (Neil) Rath

Community Outreach/Relations Director

Hometown: Williamsville, NY
Alma Mater: Georgia Tech
Department: Biomedical Engineering
Advisor: Reggie Edgerton

#Bio and Interests: I was born outside of Boston and raised mostly in upstate New York. I completed a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in Technology and Management at The Georgia Institute of Technology. I am now working towards a PhD in Biomedical Engineering under Reggie Edgerton PhD. My research is focused under the field of Neuromuscular Rehabilitation with a focus on biomechanical modeling and design.

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation (Recovery of voluntary motor control in Spinal Cord Injured Patients and Biomechanical Modeling); Clinical and Translational Research; Neural Engineering

Too many; Working Out, Personal Training, Photography, Cooking/Eating, Graphic Design, exploring cities, restaurants, new activities etc., entrepreneurship

#Roles and Goals at EGSA:

Foster a sustainable and long term community and relationship between the UCLA entity as a whole.

  1. Promote collaborations between the Engineering and Management schools i.e. Anderson and the Easton Technology Leadership Program;
  2. Increase dialogue and interaction between the established facilities such as the career center e.g. CNSI, ITA, OIP-ISR etc;
  3. Increase intercollegiate collaboration among student organizations e.g. gradSWE, TEC, EA etc.;
  4. Provide a UCLA based support network that extends beyond the short term via mentorship and increase involvement of alumni;
  5. Promote translational perspective and personal development;
  6. Promote a stronger sense of family within the graduate engineering community as well as the graduate population as a whole.

#Past eGSA Position(s)